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What makes the Ritas a specific color?
We use all natural dyes in our classic lime mixture to produce the desired colors. We can also create custom colors for any team, event, party or just for fun.

Does it already have alcohol in the mix?
No. We didn't want to limit how strong you wanted to make your Rita or what brand of tequila you liked, so we left the choice up to you. However, we recommend adding 14oz of tequila and 7oz of triple sec for the perfect tasting margarita.

How much alcohol do I add?
We recommend adding 14oz of tequila and 7oz of triple sec for the perfect tasting margarita. This amount is also ideal for freezing the Ritas, as adding more liquor could cause the mixture to not freeze properly. If you do decide you'd like a stronger taste, and add more liquor than the recommended amount, please remember to drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.

Can I make it without alcohol?
Yes, the mixture tastes great on its own, but without alcohol in the bag, the mixture will freeze solid if left in the freezer for the recommended 8-12 hours. To still enjoy the non-alcoholic mixture as a slushy, do not freeze as long. If the mixture becomes too frozen to pour, let thaw or run under hot water. Do not put bag in the microwave.

What if I want to mix the colors?
You are welcome to mix the colors, it won't affect the flavor since all of our mixtures are classic lime. However if mixed, the colors may turn very dark and unattractive. Instead you could alternate between different colors of frozen Ready Ritas mixtures in a glass to get a layered effect. For example, if your team is blue and red, you would pour a little bit of blue, then red, then blue again and so on until your glass is full and shows off your team spirit.

How long will the mixture last?
Without alcohol the sealed bag mixture lasts up to a year. Once the seal is broken and liquor is added, the mixture will last a couple months in the refrigerator or freezer.