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The Thomas FamilyMy love of a good margarita started with my family, the Doyles, in the mid-1970s in San Antonio, Texas. At family parties, we would make a drink that my dad, and my mom, Rosemary, who is now called RoRo by her grandchildren, would call “Border Buttermilk.” It was not real buttermilk, but a concoction of light-colored limeade powder, tequila and triple sec that we would mix in the blender. Everyone loved them, especially on a hot summer day. All these years later, we are still mixing limeade and tequila, but now with a twist.

My husband, who grew up in Dallas, attended the University of Texas and bleeds burnt orange. I attended Texas Christian University and, of course, bleed purple. We have three children, all of whom are Horned Frogs and bleed purple. Years ago we started making PurpleRitas for the TCU tailgates and they were a big hit. We basically redesigned the classic lime-flavored cocktail by adding an assortment of team-inspired colors. The blending of flavor and color has reinvented the cocktail. The home football games are usually on very hot days when the temperature can easily rise to 100 degrees or more. Cooling off with a colorful Rita is refreshing and fun!
The Thomas Kids
To satisfy my husband’s love of UT, I started making BurntOrangeRitas that are the perfect shade of burnt orange. Getting the correct color to satisfy the Longhorn fans was tough. But after trying many different coloring additives and ending up with orange-stained fingers, I think we have it right. More importantly, all the Texas fans think we have it right. When TCU plays UT, we serve PurpleRitas and BurntOrangeRitas. The rivalry can be tough; but with a colorful frozen drink in your hand, it makes losing a little more palatable. We like to celebrate the frogs and longhorns year round. So, we serve up the colorful cocktail fall, winter, spring and by the pool in the summertime.

Soon our friends started asking us to make margaritas in the color of their favorite teams, so we are making MaroonRitas, GreenRitas, PurpleRitas, OrangeRitas, CrimsonRitas, RedRitas, BlueRitas, and even BlackRitas for a 50th birthday party.
Mother Roro and daughters Kathy and Peggy
When I decided to produce and sell the product we needed a name. We came up with several names, but it was hard for us all to agree. Since the bag is easy to carry and always ready to take to any function, we decided on Ready Ritas.

Launching Ready Ritas has truly been a family affair. Everyone has been positive and supportive. My husband and our three children, my sisters, nieces, nephews and friends have all been an important part of the company. My mom, RoRo, has always been there to support me in all my endeavors.

There’s no better way to show team spirit or brighten up a party than with Ready Ritas. With their refreshing classic lime taste, custom color and easy-to-carry container, they’re the perfect take-along treat for any tailgate or special event. Cheers!

Kathy Thomas

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